Pony Candyland Run Game

Pony Candyland Run Game

Pony Candyland Run Game Online - Play Free Fun Html5 Games

In Pony Candyland Run you are required to run through this incredible land full of candies and sweets. She will run, run and it will never stop. She will not stop even if there is an obstacle or a hole that can cost her life. That is why this cute animal needs your help. Collect as more candies as you can and make the longest distance in Candyland. Press up arrow key to jump or Space Bar to change gravity. Just participate in an exciting race when you play Candyland run and be happy. Have Fun!

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How to Play Pony Candyland Run Game

Use the arrow keys or your finger on touch screen devices to play this free online game.

What Pony Racing is All About

Manes and tails flying, hooves churning the turf course, the herd comes thundering over the final brush fence, jockeys crouched low over pumping shoulders. The winner reaches the finish line by a nose, and the jockey grins and pats the victorious mount. This is exactly what pony racing is all about according to the experts at AnimalGames247.com. The Shetland Pony Grand National is the ultimate dream for many young riders, but becoming one of the pony and rider teams to compete is a hard journey as the annual race is only limited to ten. Run since 1981, the race raises money for a different charity chosen each year. For those that cannot attend this spectacular race, we recommend they play the Candyland Run html5 game on our website.

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