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Internet Safety - Internet Safety

We want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable experience at We make every effort to make a safe and fun place for all our users. As with any site, watch what web games minors are playing and talk to them about the web games.

Internet Safety list for Kids

  • Never give out your real name to strangers online.
  • Never post your real name online.
  • Never give out your home state, city, town or address to strangers online.
  • Never tell strangers online the school you go.
  • Online users may not be who they claim to be. Old people may pretend to be younger than they actually are.
  • Never give out your passwords to anyone online.
  • People may pose as website representatives and ask you for your password. Do not give it out. Real website representatives will never ask you for your password because it is secret and should only be known by you.

Internet Safety list for Parents:

  • Take time to educate yourself on online child safety issues.
  • The online world is new and will only get bigger.
  • Your children will spend time online communicating with their friends so you will need to learn all you can to educate them on safety issues.

For more information on Internet safety please visit these websites which specialize in Internet safety information.

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