Sea Turtle Survival Game

Sea Turtle Survival Game

Sea Turtle Survival Game Online - Play Fun Reptile Html5 Games

Enjoy a simple, but well made game that tells a good story. Sea Turtle Survival is all about showing the issues sea turtles have to deal with on a daily basis. The creator of this html5 have used game mechanics really well to illustrate your point. The bitsy graphics are actually used very well in the sense that it's not too easy to recognize objects. The fact that it is hard to tell the difference between trash and food really hit the nail on the head for us with the issue presented in the game. At first, it kind of was a bit hard, but you learn to spot the seaweed in some time. This is one of those games that you will really enjoy when you see the deeper meaning. Play the Sea Turtle Survival and you will see the importance of coastal clean up and you will really feel like helping those poor endangered sea turtles. Have Fun!

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How to Play Sea Turtle Survival Game

Use the arrow keys and on tap screen devices use your finger to play this fun online game. Thanks for playing, and please recycle

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