Spirit Riding Free Game

Spirit Riding Free Game

Spirit Riding Free Game Online - Play Free Fun Horse Html5 Games

Spirit Riding Free is one exciting game that you can play all day long and never get bored. This is a story about one girl and her horse. Lucky is twelve years old and she recently moved with her father to the country. There she met two girls, which became her friends. But the most incredible friendship was with Spirit, a wild mustang who she loves with whole her heart. Have Fun!

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How to Play Spirit Riding Free Game

This is a fun game in which you are in the position of a horse rider. Your goal is to collect as many coins as possible and also 20 red apples, while constantly avoiding the obstacles along the way. Use the keyboard arrow keys to ride your horse and jump at the right time. Spirit will run automatically, but you need to press the left arrow key to move to the left, right arrow key to move to the right and up arrow key to jump at the right moment and avoid crashing. Have fun and enjoy the Spirit Riding Free!

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