Dino Jump Game

Dino Jump Game

Dino Jump Game Online - Play Free Fun Dinosaur Html5 Games

Turns out that dinosaurs are great at jumping, but terrible swimmers. Dino Jump is an excellent html5 game in which your job is to help Dino jump on various platforms in the water and reach the longest distance before the time runs out. If you play the game on your computer, then press right arrow key of your keyboard to make a double jump, while left arrow key is to jump on the next platform. If you play this free html5 game on your smartphone, then tap left and right for the relevant game controls. Collect clock bonuses to preserve and prolonge your time and play a little bit longer. As you progress through the free online game, the baby dino will grow up and improve his skills. Think fast and hurry up, because the time passes by fast and you would love to get the highest score in this highly addictive adventure, called Dino Jump. Have Fun!

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How to Play Dino Jump Game

Use the mouse or your finger on touch screen devices to play this fun online game. It can be really hard choosing which jump to use at first, because the platforms are all random. It might be two in a row and then a gap, just one, four in a row and then a gap, and so on. You have to go super fast so that you can grab those clocks and keep the timer alive, so the best thing to do is to look ahead. If you always look ahead, you’ll be able to keep the next move or two in your memory so that you don’t have to make a split decision.

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