Bunnies vs Robots Game

Bunnies vs Robots Game

Bunnies vs Robots Game Online - Play Free Fun Bunny Web Games

In this free web game your goal is to use strategic thinking and to put bunnies in right position, so they can destroy more robots. You need to choose right position, because a bunny can get shot by another bunny if he is in the line of fire. The goal is to try to destroy as many robots as you can, and also get a high score. Have Fun!

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How to Play Bunnies vs Robots Game

Use the mouse or your finger on touch screen devices to interact when you play this free online game. Bunnies can be placed on any grass area. Clicking on a bunny will remove him. Each bunny cost 1 point. Using less bunnies will increase your score. Beware they can shoot each-other, so be careful where you place them. Robots spawn at the crashed ship and move to the escape ship. Robots can kill bunnies by making contact with them. They also tend to jump randomly. You will loose points if any escape.

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