Horse Racing Fantasy

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Horse Racing Fantasy Game - Play Free Fantasy Horses Online

3D virtual free horse racing game. A simple download to your PC. You are the jockey steering a 1,000-lb thoroughbred at 40 miles an hour on a variation of racing surfaces, trying to defeat your competition. Easy and fun to play, this fast free and exciting horse racing game has been developed by Horse Racing Simulation LLC, the world's leading developer of virtual horse racing games. They have built online games for Animal Planet, Breeders' Cup, and many other entities. Their horse games and horse racing fantasy games have been featured on such websites as,, and many others. Since 1999, they have been building exciting virtual racing games guaranteed spyware, adware and malware free. One of their most popular games is the Horse Racing Fantasy which you can play for free on our website. Have Fun!

Play Horse Racing Fantasy Flash Game Online Today

Do you think horses are awesome, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Horse Racing Fantasy flash game online.

How to Play Horse Racing Fantasy Game Online

See in-game instructions.

Fantasy Books with Horses

Over the years it has been written many fantasy books with horses. has online list of over a hundred fanasty books featuring horses. In these books the horses are just as important as the main characters. Any horse lover should take a look at their list and would probably find several that they would like to read. Some of the most popular horse fantasy books you can find these days includes the the Heartland series, Unicorn Chronicles, Eragon, and Inkhea.

Do horses enjoy racing?

Yes, in fact most horses enjoy a race competition. They are bred and trained to run competitively, and a horse's spirit and will to win is an important element in the making of a champion. Some horses can't stand to to be behind, and will always try to be in front, while others race best when coming from behind. Even horses running together in the open, you'll see that there is often clearly a sense of competition between them, and racing seem to be as much in the form of play as is their instinct.

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