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As the name suggests Horse Apprentice is a free online horse game where you take care of horses on a horse farm. The flash game has several levels where the number of horses, to be taken care of increases, and you really have to work harder. There are two types of care that you will be giving. The first is feeding the horses. A well fed horse is a string and healthy one. You do not want to take an emaciated horse to a competition; it will be outrun by the others. The second type of care is grooming the horse. It has been found that a horse that is groomed daily will be healthy and psychologically upbeat. Apart from grooming the horse, you will also need to clean up the environment, so you should be ready to do some cleaning. The food only needs to be dropped near the horse and it will eat it. However, you will have to use the mouse to do the activities that are concerned with grooming and cleaning. Everything that needs grooming or cleaning should then be thrown in the dustbin. You can be sure that you will be running around all the time; the horses will alert you what they need and you should be ready to jump into action; keep your eye on the sign above the corral for each horse. You need to be very fast when it comes to accomplishing the tasks so the game does not close down. The happiness meter for the horses is on the poles of the corral. If you let it get to the bottom, the online game will shut down and you will have lost. See how good you are at looking after horses; see if you can hack it if you got a job as an apprentice at a horse farm. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Horse Apprentice Game Online

Use your mouse to play this free flash game.

How is it to be working at a Horse Farm

Working at a horse farm can be a great adventure. You can approach one and ask if you can be an apprentice. The first thing you must know is that you will be getting up very early in the morning to look for food and water for the horses. After they have been fed, you will take them for grooming before they go out for their daily exercises. They may also be going for race and this will be a great time for you to go to the tracks. When they are through, you will have to groom the horses and give them a hosing down. If they are not going for a competition, you will be left to clean the table, remove any dropping and then lay out a fresh bed of straw for them. This is a very exciting prospect and you should try and get a chance over the long summer holidays, to volunteer at such a farm. In the meantime, you can play Horse Care Apprentice and start learning what will be required of you when you end up on a real horse farm; ask your friends to join you and you can have loads of fun.

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