Fire Dog

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Fire Dog Game Online - Play Fun Dalmatian Dogs Flash Games

Fire is a dog firefighter whose mission is to rescue puppies in distress. We have to point that this dog really look like a pig and the puppies he is rescuing looks like some cats, but anyway it is a fun little firefighter game you can play with your mouse. Click on objects to collect, save the victim and to the next level. Do not lose your balance, it is an important skill. Have Fun!

Play Fire Dog Flash Game Online Today

Do you like to play with dogs, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Fire Dog flash game online.

How to the Play Fire Dog Flash Game Online

Use your mouse to interact in this online flash game.

The Dalmatian is the firehouse dog in England and USA

If you live in England or the United States it is a chance you might have seen a Dalmatian as mascot for your local fire deparment. But off all the dogs, why did they choose the spotty black and white Dalmatian? Well, we turned to Texas City Firefighters Local 1259 and digged up some answers for you. First of all the dalmatian was the perfect size to serve as a coach dog. The Dalmatian is a very physical breed, with a strong, muscular body, and able to run great distances without tiring. The Dalmatian also has what seems to be a natural calming effect on horses. It is during the era of horse drawn fire apparatus that the Dalmatian becomes forever tied to the Fire Service. These fire house horses were required to spend hours at a time at a fire scene, or hours inside the fire house waiting for a call, and despite many misbeliefs, these fire house horses were not broken down old hags, but fine spirited horses. The Dalmatian became the horses pet as it were, to help keep them calm. There are many reports and stories of seeing a fire team rushing to the scene of a call, with a Dalmatian or two running between the horse teams. At the scene of the call, the Dalmatian took over as guard dog, insuring that nothing was stolen from the apparatus. The Dalmatian is a very loyal breed to its owners, and an admirable foe when challenged.

Some Fun Facts About Dogs for Kids

The dog is said to be "man's best friends", and nothing is more true than that statements. Kids and adults all love the companisionship of a dog. According to the websites Facts About Dogs, Love Your Dog, and Paws there are many fun dog facts for kids. The oldest living dog lived until he was 29 years old, this was recorded in 1939. He was a Queensland Heeler named Bluey, and he lived in Austrailia. Today 1 out of 3 families in the United States has a puppy or a dog. In addition to being great pets, dogs perform many useful tasks for humans including hunting, farm work and security as well as assisting those with disabilities such as the blind. Humans help train various dog breeds to enter in competitions such as breed shows, agility and obedience contests, racing and sled pulling. Dogs communicate in many ways. Besides using their voices to bark, growl or whine, dogs also use different parts of their bodies. The position of their ears and facial expression can tell you if your pet is scared, happy or sad. Many people don't realize a wagging tail does not always mean a dog is happy. Well, that's probably enough facts for a day, why don't you play our fun Fire Dog game flash online now.

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