Color Puppy

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Color Puppy Dog Game Online - Play Kids Dogs Flash Games

Color Puppy is a free online flash game where you get to use your imagination and color three images of a cute puppy dog. Have Fun!

Play Color Puppy Flash Game Online Today

Do you like to play with dogs, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Color Puppy flash game online.

How to Play Color Puppy Game Online

Use your mouse to interact.

Kids Love Coloring Games and Animals

According to Ezine Magazine colors appeal to kids tremendously and they like to be with colorful objects and because this reason, coloring games are hugely preferred by kids. The child creates different strokes with colors to suit his mood or imagination. Kids prefer animal pictures as well as online animal games. These games have attractive graphics to draw interest of the player and kids learn many attributes of animals through these games. It is great way of learning the animal kingdom, which children take up easily.

Some Fun Facts About Dogs for Kids

The dog is said to be "man's best friends", and nothing is more true than that statements. Kids and adults all love the companisionship of a dog. According to the websites Facts About Dogs, Love Your Dog, and Paws there are many fun dog facts for kids. Dogs are omnivorous, which means that they must eat both meat and plants. They cannot eat the cores of apples, but they can eat apple slices. They also should not eat raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate or garlic because it can make them sick. In general, small dogs live longer than large dogs. Small dogs such as terriers may live 20 years. Giant dogs like Great Danes may live eight years. The average lifespan for a mixed breed dog is 13 to 14 years. By making sure dogs have good food, regular veterinary care, shelter and a loving family, they will live longer, healthier lives. Well, that's probably enough facts for a day, why don't you play our fun Color Puppy game online now.

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