Robot Dinosaurs

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Robot Dinosaurs Game Online - Play Kids Robot Dinosaur Flash Games

Robot Dinosaurs is a super cool classic extreme retro laser beams shooting side scrolling funny robot dinosaur action, featuring Tyrannosaurus X and Dinomite! Pick one depending on what you are going for! In this game shoot and avoid being shot at. Pick up bonuses along the way to help you with your quest! Have Fun!

Play Robot Dinosaurs Flash Game Online Today

Do you like dinosaurs, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Robot Dinosaurs flash game online.

How to Play Robot Dinosaurs Game Online

Use the mouse to navigate, and left click to shoot in this online dinosaur game.

Dinosaur Robots - Not only Toys

You probably have seen shelves stacked with dinosaur robots when you are visiting toy stores. Kids just love to play with these dinosaurs. But, not only kids are playing with dinosaurs these days. Paleontologists are creating robot replicas of dinosaurs to learn more about how these massive creatures moved on Earth. Scientists copy dinosaur bones with a 3D scanner, then reproduce the whole skeleton with a 3D printer to create scaled-down models. According to several sources Robot Dinosaurs seems to be the future of paleontology. According to Time Magazine the use of these dinosaur robots allows paleontologs to be able to study extinct creatures in the same way a biologist can study a raccoon or tuna.

Fun Facts About Dinosaurs for Kids

There are many fun facts about dinosaurs for kids and a countless number of websites listing these facts some good ones are Science Kids,, and Kids Konnect. We studied some of these website and here are some of our findings. While dinosaurs came a long time before us humans, fossils and modern technology have helped us piece together what dinosaurs may have looked like and even how they might have behaved. The word dinosaur was originally coined by a British paleontologist named Richard Owen in 1842, and came from the Greek words dienos ("terrible") and sauros ("reptile"). There were actually reptiles on Earth before dinosaurs. Before the first first dinosaurs walked the Earth about 230 million years ago, the earth was dominated by reptiles known as archosaurs and therapsids. Dinosaur remains were first discovered in North America on the upper Missouri River in 1854 by American geologist Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden. The first dinosaur ever named was the Megalosaurus, named in 1824 by Reverend William Buckland. Many scientists believe that there are still lots of dinosaurs that haven't been discovered yet. Well, we think that's enough facts for one day, you should play our fun Robot Dinosaurs game now.

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