Gizmo Rush

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Gizmo Rush Game Online - Play Fun Dinosaurs Rush Flash Games

Join now a fun racing game with our funny little dinosaur, Gizmo. Help him drive his powerful bike over all kinds of obstacles and collect as many stars as he can. Also if you collect any bone, it will give you even more power. Have Fun!

Play Gizmo Rush Flash Game Online Today

Do you like dinosaurs, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Gizmo Rush flash game online.

How to Play Gizmo Rush Game Online

Use the arrow keys to drive and the X key for turbo.

You might have heard the term Gizmo before

The name gizmo are used a lot in technology, entertainment and fiction, but not so much as a dinosaur name. Most well known Gizmo is probably the main character in the Gremlins films, but the term is mostly used in technologies when referring to small electronic devices. According to Merriam-Webster a gizmo is a usually small mechanical or electronic device. But, in our online animal gaming world, Gizmo is a fun dinosaur riding a bicycle, and we highly recommend you to play the Gizmo Rush game right now.

Fun Facts About Dinosaurs for Kids

There are many fun facts about dinosaurs for kids and a countless number of websites listing these facts some good ones are Science Kids,, and Kids Konnect. We studied some of these website and here are some of our findings. While dinosaurs came a long time before us humans, fossils and modern technology have helped us piece together what dinosaurs may have looked like and even how they might have behaved. The name Dinosaur dates back to 1842. The word has Greek origins, Dino derives 'deinos' which translates as terrible or powerful, Saur derives from 'sauros' which translates to lizard, and the name was selected by English Palaeontologist Richard Owen. Dinosaurs lived in every continent on Earth; more than 700 different species have been discovered worldwide. Dinosaurs dominated the world for nearly 150 million years, there is evidence that a meteorite impact a partial cause for their extinction, however there were survivors; species of turtle, lizard, snake, bird and crocodile can all be traced back to the Mesozoic era; they have evolved to survive on our planet today. Some dinosaurs were carnivores, meat-eaters, and some were herbivores, plant eaters. Some walked on two legs, while others walked on all four legs. Some had horns and spikes, others had thick bumpy skin, and some even had feathers. Well, we think that's enough facts for one day, you should play our fun Gizmo Rush game now.

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